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Make your garden a colourful and enjoyable place with plants and flowers.

Choosing the right type of plants is one of the most important decision while designing a garden. It seems very difficult and time-consuming because of the numerous varieties of plants. Here are some suggestions from us about how to choose the suitable plants and flowers in your garden.

What you need to consider:

First of all, take a walk in your garden, do some measurement and make some plan. If you have no idea how to design your garden, please contact us, our staff is happy to help you.

There are some criteria, which determine what kind of plants and flowers you can and can’t choose in your garden:

  1. Soil – Every plant has a preferred soil type. Finding out the soil type and acidity of the soil in your garden is the first thing what you need to do before choosing plants.
  2. Water – Of course, every plant needs water, but the different amount. There are some plants and flowers, which don’t need watering because they get enough from the soil. Potted plants need watering frequently.
  3. Light – Light level is very important for the plants, there are some Sun-loving plants and some which don’t mind shady spots.
  4. Weather conditions – Not only too hot or too cold weather can affect plants, but even wind. Many plants are very sensitive to strong wind. We can’t change the weather conditions, but we can choose plants which are not delicate or protect our sensitive plants from the extreme weather.
  5. The direction of the plot – You need to find out the direction your garden faces – north, south, east, west – because this determines which area is sunny and which one is in shadow for all day or some part of the day.

If you managed all these above, you are over the hump. The next step is very easy: just select the plants considering some design principles:

  1. Colours – Colour is the most subjective issue in garden design. You might prefer harmonious colours or colour contrast. If you can’t decide on colours you can try a colour wheel.
  2. Growth – Before buying new plants, you need to find out how big and tall they will be when they are fully grown. This determines the space what they need, and on the other hand, space what you have determines the type of the plants you can choose.
  3. Scent – Apart from the colour, the scent is the main attraction of flowers. You can choose plants according to their smell and design an aromatic garden with some scented flowers and herbs, but please don’t forget that good smells are not only attractive for you, but for bugs as well.
  4. Four season – For making your garden colourful all year round please check on the flourishing period of your chosen plants and also mix evergreens with deciduous plants.
  5. Maintenance – A garden with many various coloured plants and flowers is very beautiful and attractive if you work on it regularly. But an uncared-for garden looks miserable and disappointing. Please consider how much time, money and effort you are able and willing to make to keep your garden organised and cared-for.

If you would like to have a beautiful garden with a lot of plants but can’t provide the maintenance required, please read more about our garden maintenance service.

Dr. Plants – Our Specialist Plant Advisor

The right type of plants can transform the look of any garden. We have an experienced planter who specialises in choosing the correct plants for each of our projects, known as Dr. Plants. He can advise you to choose the right type of plants and how to take care of them.

Finding the right type of plants

There are many different types of plants that you can choose, like trees, shrubs, evergreens, annual and perennial flowers, climbing flowers, ground covers, etc. Plant selection is not easy. We suggest getting information about the characteristics and needs of the preferred plants before you buy them.

Here are some of the most popular plants and flowers:

Climbing Flowers & Scented Climbing Flowers


Climbing flowers need something to cling to such as a pergola, fence or wall and then will be fixed with wires.

Scented flowers make the most impact on doors and outdoor seating areas.

Most of the flowers are season specific. For an all-season flower garden, you can select flowers which bloom all year and which are seasonal.

Evergreens look great in the winter months especially when paired with winter plants that flourish or produce berries.

There are many plants and flowers, which make your garden colourful and don’t need special care. For example, evergreens and shrubs, but also some perennials, like lavender, lilies, salvia, coneflower, coreopsis, chrysanthemum, and bulbs, for instance, crocus, daffodil, tulip, hyacinth, bluebell. Putting your plants in pots or behind a retaining wall make them easy to handle or even a rockery can be a good option for a low maintenance garden.

Read more about low maintenance garden.

If you need any help with choosing plants or garden maintenance please contact us.

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